Provoked To Good Works

Spiritual Growth Takes Time and Effort

Luskey and Donna Green

Following Jesus always results in doing the good works that He modeled as an example for our life-style. Following Jesus constantly leads us in answering this question: "What does the love of Christ within me compel me to do in this real life situation?" God is the one who brings these situations to us to act upon, but we gotta to have eyes to see them and not walk away! This is kingdom servanthood.

We study the Word to HEAR God's voice thru Scripture! Come join us.

We study the Word to STRENGTHEN our faith by doing what Christ our Lord wishes of us! Come join us.

We study the Word to build COURAGE within our heart to do that which without faith would seemingly be impossible! Come join us.

We SHARE our victories, failures, and struggles with one another in this journey of faith because we support each other. Come join us.

person of faith