Following Jesus always results in doing the good works that He modeled as an example for our life-style. Following Jesus constantly leads us in answering this question: "What does the love of Christ within me require of me in this real life situation?" We also believe that God is the one who brings those situations to us to act upon, but we gotta to have eyes to see them!

There are three foundational questions that self-examination alone can answer with respect to following Jesus. 1.) Am I fulfilling His mission? 2.) Am I following the correct model? 3.) Am I navigating with the correct map for this journey? The mission, the model and the map cannot be known without Scripture! Only through the study of Scripture can one know individually the Divine mission God has called us to fulfill. Only through the study of Scripture can one know individually the model Jesus laid out for us to duplicate in our lives! Only through Scripture can one map out the life-style of Jesus which when followed leads to real life, eternal life now, and in eternity. Many people are starving for this Life. We need the depth of God's Word to feed us, Are we hungry for the Word of Life? So many are starving to death don't even know they are hungry.

Next Faith Building Session (8 Sessions): 
Understanding Biblical Faith.
1. Belief: The Constant Reality of Faith
2. Trust: The Confidence of Faith
3. Submission: The Compliance of Faith
4. Pleading: The Communication of Faith
5. Sacrifice: The Conviction of Faith
6. Really, Faith is All That!
7. Paul's Description of Faith
8. True Faithfulness